WealthTechs Inc., based in Park City, Utah was founded by Ryan Dickau – CTO, Gaston Vera – COO, David Otero – CDO and Chris Casey – CEO.

We started R&D in 2014 and officially launched WealthTechs in February 2016. WealthTechs founders worked diligently to do what we set out to do: be the best in the world at providing data aggregation, normalization and integration applications/services to leading investment-oriented business enterprises around the world.

Today, we provide our products and services to 74 clients managing $91 trillion in assets, representing more than 140,000 accounts across more than 560 different custodian connections.

We are a rapidly growing team of 25 people dedicated to being the best in the world at one thing: aggregating, normalizing, and helping our clients integrate our data products and service solutions.

WealthTechs Products:

  • Are the rock-solid foundation of your most critical, irreplaceable asset: your customer data.
  • Future proof and position your firm to take advantage of new products and services that will be offered due to the rapid pace of today’s fintech and wealthtechs innovators.
  • Give you the autonomy and nimbleness to quickly pivot to new apps as they come to market that can help your firm stand out in the crowd.
  • Eliminate the pain of manual processes, delays, format changes, website updates, password expiration and other issues associated with acquiring and aggregating data.
  • Assure daily, accurate, reliable data on accounts, securities, cash positions, securities positions, investment vehicles positions by tax lot, transactions, foreign exchange rates, and investment vehicle prices more from 250+ global sources.
  • Are used by institutional asset managers, custodians, wealth advisors, investment managers, investment funds, private banks, family offices, morning process reconciliation outsourcers, fintechs & wealthtechs.
  • Are integrated with leading apps like: Indata iPM, Advent Axys/APX/Moxy, Blaze Portfolio, WealthSite, Orion Advisor, Portfolio Center, Forest, CastleView aiAlpha, and many others.
  • Are delivered via standardized API and/or SFTP or customized to your firms’ unique, specific needs.
  • Can be easily integrated with any investment-management industry apps, or any app you wish to build or purchase.
  • Will be with you, wherever you go, on your firm’s own unique journey.

Read the full backstory here; it is interesting, ironic and slightly comical…