WealthTechs products are proven successes at leading financial institutions globally, including many of the world's largest banks, institutional investment managers, wealth managers, fintechs and family offices.

WealthTechs has a reputation across the industry for reliable, mission-critical solutions, friendly professional service, fast bug fixes and fast feature additions; all at a reasonable price.

WealthTechs focus is only on data, which allows us to constantly better our products with a goal of being the best in the world at data for the investment management ecosystem.

Portfolio Accounting Data™

Portfolio Accounting Data™ (“PAD”) is WealthTechs’ flagship product. PAD is a fully outsourced data aggregation > normalization > delivery > integration service. Leading financial institutions across the globe trust PAD because we deliver an excellent product and white glove customer service at a fraction of the price of our competition.

Trade Data™

TradeData™ is an electronic trade allocation and settlement instruction system for investment management firms that want a single portal for allocation communication and custody client accounts with multiple and/or global custodians that do not work with OASYS. Trade Data integrates with PortfolioData™ for T+1 trade reconciliation.

ClearView Portal™

ClearView™ is included, free of charge, to all clients using our Portfolio Accounting Data™ product. ClearView gives you real time access to WealthTechs operational systems so you can manage your WealthTechs Portfolio Accounting Data™ subscriptions and several other integrated features in one easy to use site.

Advent Integrator App™

The Advent Integrator App™ (“AIA”) integrates our Portfolio Accounting Data™ product with Axys or APX. AIA replaces the 8 or more Advent/SS&C products that have been cobbled together over the decades to create Advent’s morning process/data reconciliation “solution.” AIA is one, easy-to-install, easy-to-learn app to automate your morning process.

Custodian Data Management Services™

Custodian Data Management Services (“CDMS”) is available to Custodians, Broker Dealers, TAMPs, etc. who need help offering their clients a white glove, modern, cost-effective data service. WealthTechs CDMS enables your clients to easily access and integrate your data with their mission critical apps which result in higher AUM.

Bespoke Data Services™

Bespoke Data Services (“BDS”) is available to all Wealthtechs Portfolio Accounting Data™ clients who want PAD delivered in a unique, customized, bespoke way; thus, empowering WealthTechs clients to focus on their core business. BDS delivers PAD data how you want it and when you want it.

Unified Managed Accounts Data Services™

Unified Managed Accounts Data Services (“UMADS”) are available to any advisor or other institution involved in the UMA world who want UMA centric data aggregated, normalized and integrated with applications such as CRM, Portfolio Accounting, Composite Management, General Ledger, Billing or other systems. WealthTechs will establish data feeds from UMA sponsors and work with you to capture and integrated the data to avoid manual data collection and tedious data normalizing and integration.