Gathering, integrating, and reconciling custodian data with your Advent APX™ or Axys™ portfolio accounting system can be a tricky process. The process is filled with a myriad of challenges, mainly driven by the fact that you must use 8 or more Advent/SS&C products that have been cobbled together over the decades to create Advent’s morning process/data reconciliation “solution.” The challenge is compounded by the fact that not all the assets your firm directly manages or sub-manages are available through one of Advent’s data services.

The result is often manual and semi-automated steps to scrub, massage, or otherwise manipulate custodian data to meet the specific requirements of your business needs. Advent Axys and APX contain the entire history of your firm’s transactions, performance, and other critical personal and business information of your clients like groups, composites, custom reports, reporting packages, carveouts, sleeves and other unique settings that allow you to report to your internal team and your clients in the specific fashion of your company. Bottom line, Axys and APX have been setup to the exact specifications needed to run your business.

Often, the management team at your firm sees the mayhem of your morning reconciliation process and this often leads them to believe that converting to another portfolio accounting system will solve the problem. They do not understand the breadth and depth of the problem and do not respect the years, if not decades of hard work that have been invested in these systems to output the reports that make your firm unique and set you apart from the competition. In a nutshell, they want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There has got to be a better way to make the morning process of downloading, loading and reconciling data into Axys and APX.

To solve the problem, WealthTechs has created the Advent Integrator App™ (“AIA”). AIA seamlessly integrates with our award-winning Portfolio Accounting Data (“PAD”) solution. AIA + PAD guarantees your custodian data gets into your Axys or APX system each morning, quickly, accurately, and reliably and most importantly simply; through one product with one user interface. AIA is easy to train new employees on, automate manual tasks and simplify your morning process. AIA is a well-known product used by most leading Advent Outsourcing firms, which gives you the freedom to outsource a portion or all your morning process easily and quickly.

The punchline here is that you can replace ACD, Dataport, and the other 8 confusing data and software solutions that SS&C has cobbled together over years to solve the morning process and replace them with one integrated solution: AIA + PAD! Axys and APX are excellent portfolio accounting systems, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Show your management team that the morning process can be automated, and you can regain a high level of employee productivity by switching to WealthTechs PAD + AIA solution.

AIA - Full Demonstration

AIA - Daily Process

AIA - Vehicle and Transaction Translations

We get it, and we know how difficult it is for you to accommodate all the needs of all the various people in your company from a systems perspective. To prove we get it, the WealthTechs Team has deployed, customized, consulted on and built solutions for 500+ Advent (and non-Advent) clients since 1989. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we are yet again dumbfounded with the reality of the constant, varying, perpetually changing needs of the market.

We appreciate the amazing, innovative, creative, genius level people that are the Advent Axys and APX user base that are constantly having to adapt to the whims of users and industry changes. To keep up, WealthTechs is constantly innovating creative ways to drive up efficiency and drive costs down by working closely with our clients and prospective clients. The results of our constant innovation efforts are apparent in the many functional features we have developed, tested, and implemented into the Advent Integrator App (“AIA”). Here is a list of some of the unique features of AIA that allow you to handle the ever-changing needs of your users and the market at large.

  • 3 Flexible Withholding Tax Logic Options
  • Account Exclusion Rules
  • Account Level Overrides To Allow Otherwise Excluded Cash Journals & Sweeps From Transaction Blotters
  • Add Custodian To Comments In Positions Options
  • Allocation of Cash Interest to Carveouts Automation
  • App Updates Over the Internet Automatically
  • APX SQL Integration
  • Automate APX Consolidated Positions Reconciliation
  • Automatic Account Data Rules Update Axys or APX Name Address Data
  • Automatic Import of Translations From Dataport
  • Automatic Updates To Reconciliation Groups By Custodian Or All
  • Automatically Load Initial Positions Into New Accounts From Custodian Positions or Tax Lots
  • Automatically Update Fields In Accounts Using Custodian Provided Data
  • Backdated Transactions Handling Security Prices
  • Backup of Source, Translated and Posted Data Automation
  • Cancel Transactions Tool Simplifies Posting Of Cancels & Corrects
  • Checkboxes to Remove Redundant Custodian Provided Cash Journals From Transaction Blotters
  • Checkboxes to Remove Redundant Custodian Provided Cash Sweeps From Transaction Blotters
  • Dividend Accrual Adjustments Automation
  • Easy To Use Graphical User Interface
  • Email Success & Error Log Notification Automation
  • Exceptions Logged to Pending Files in Background Do Not Impede Automation
  • Exclude Accounts Based On Status Field in APX
  • Excluded Account Securities Filter Simplifies Stored Pricing Data
  • Flexible Original Cost Update Logic In Transactions & Positions
  • Flexible Original Face Update Logic In Transactions & Positions
  • Free New Feature Development
  • Free New Feature Documentation Consulting
  • Free Pilot Testing
  • Free Training For Consultants
  • Free Training For Employees
  • Free Updates…Forever!
  • Handles APX Price Sets
  • Import Taxlot Tool Automates New Account Positions By Tax Lot Onboarding
  • Interlisted Securities Automation
  • Investment Vehicles (aka Securities)
  • Known By Leading Advent Consulting Firms
  • Known By Leading Advent Outsourcing Firms
  • Low Cost, Less Than $5,000 USD Per Year
  • Manual Securities Pricing Automation
  • Mapping of Transactions to Carveouts Automation
  • Mapping of Transactions to Sleeves Automation
  • Merge Multiple FX Transactions Rules to Simplify Transaction Blotters
  • Multi-User .NET Technology
  • New Account Setup Automation
  • New Features Added Several Times Per Year
  • No Complex User Installations Required
  • No Expensive Complex Consulting Costs for Upgrades
  • Opensource Scripting Runs On Industry Standard Windows Task Scheduler
  • Powerful Opensource Scripting Automates 100% of Morning Process
  • Powerful Transaction “If/Then” Translation Rules
  • Pricing of Unsupervised Securities Automation
  • Professional Implementation Available Via Leading Advent Consulting Firms
  • Runs On Remote Desktop
  • Runs On Server
  • Runs On VMWare
  • Runs On Windows Server
  • Security Exclusion Rules
  • Security Master Adds & Updates Automation
  • Security Translation Rules
  • SMS Success & Error Log Notification Automation
  • Sophisticated Add-Comment Logic
  • Sophisticated Broker Translations
  • Sophisticated Options For Case Sensitivity
  • Sophisticated Success & Error Log Automation
  • Specific Amount Rounding Logic
  • Specific Quantity Rounding Logic
  • Tool To Compare Advent ACD versus WealthTechs PAD Data During Conversion
  • Tool To Upload & Normalize Transactions Not Provided Via A Custodian Data Feed
  • Tool To View Source & Archive Files Saves Time Versus Manual Import To Excel or Text Editor
  • Update Prices Based on Custodian Precedence Order
  • Upload To WealthTechs Support Team Automation
  • Validate Custodian Provided Accounts, Securities & Consolidated Groups In APX
  • White Glove Support