TradeData™ solves the problem of sending allocation & settlement instructions data to domestic and cross-border based custodians and interested parties across multiple asset classes and currencies.

Some custodians and interested parties often require data be sent to them via API, SFTP, SWIFT, ISO, FAX, PGP, TXT, Secure Email, or other means that are not supported by DTCC/CTM. TradeData fills this void at a reasonable cost along with fast, friendly expert service.


The primary actor in the TradeData use case is a buy side firm, their outsourcers or fintech vendors required to send allocation & settlement instructions data to outside entities; be they custodians, third parties, etc. not affiliated with DTCC or who prefer not to be affiliated with DTCC due to complexities, high costs, or other reasons.

The preconditions necessary for a success scenario in TradeData involves setting up “Output Entities” in TradeData and mapping them to specific client accounts. The Output Entity is configured to receive allocation and/or settlement instructions in a specific format and/or method for the accounts mapped to the Output Entity.

The TradeData success scenario is achieved when allocations are read by TradeData, sent to WealthTechs Data Center, formatted into the desired format of the Output Entity, and sent to the Output Entity using the desired method. To manage the TradeData process, the primary actor accesses the WealthTechs ClearView website to view and report on successes, failures, and logs or take actions such as canceling allocations or viewing the details of a send.

Benefits Of Trade Data

Simply put…focus, focus, focus by the best people in the industry. As a team, we have over 100 combined years of experience in the portfolio accounting, reconciliation & reporting industry. We’ve been in the trenches like you! Having this much experience really gave us the list of things “Not To Do”, which allowed us to develop a business model that is cost efficient and we pass our savings on to our clients.

TradeData is integrated with more than 200 global custodians and countless third parties.

TradeData is integrated with Advent Moxy, and can be easily integrated with any OMS, SQL Database or any other source of allocation data as long as it is in a readable, accessible format.

The TradeData API product features a secure web-based portal where TradeData users can setup settlement instructions, view and report on successes, failures, details of sends and other ad-hoc lookups.

TradeData is serviced by industry experts at WealthTechs who have decades of OMS, DTCC, SQL and other relevant experience necessary to achieve successful results with the TradeData product. Service is fast, efficient, and friendly with most issues responded to in only a few minutes.